Cycling groups

Cycling through the hilly countryside of Limburg

The cycling season never ends in the picturesque hilly countryside of Limburg. The hills offer plenty of challenges for all cyclists, regardless of their experience. If you want to stay in a hotel that has everything to cater to your needs, Parkhotel Valkenburg is the place to be. Whether you are looking for a place to wash your bicycle, a place with a secure and guarded bicycle storage, or somewhere that has Garmin devices pre-loaded with cycling routes, we have it all and more. If you would like to have a local show you the way, we can arrange this for you. Alternatively, you can relax on our terrace while enjoying the lovely weather with a glass of À BLOC – the ‘craft beer for cyclists’ that we are proud to offer for the first time. Could there be any better way to unwind?


  • Bike wash
  • Laundry service for sportswear
  • Gym facilities
  • GPS/maps
  • Up-to-date cycling routes
  • Guidance and equipment van
  • Pasta meals

Clinic with Steven Rooks

A cycling clinic is a great opportunity to invite your relations and colleagues for a fantastic day on the bike. A clinic with Steven Rooks; a combination of business and cycling.

Are you interested in a cycling clinic? A combination with meetings, overnight stays and / or dinner? Many options are negotiable! Contact us via or call +31 (0)43-601 32 41.